Alexandra Tutovan
Brand manager
Мy story:
I try my best since 1999

When I was barely waist-deep in height, I was fascinated by the idea of ​​becoming an architect or a cat. It was possible to combine, build "Zaha Hadid-style" towers from balls and corrugated cardboard. But by school age, it was not possible to deeply succeed in the chosen crafts, then a third way opened - advertising.

I still think this is the best decision what I have taken in life. Where else will you learn how to make fabric folds on 3D pillows and shoot interviews? After four years of training, you get a cool multi-tool special! Thanks alma mater «PMOK" I didn't have confused eyes when I released from an educational institution, because the last two courses I have already worked as a graphic designer in 2 agencies and photographed.

Before I joined the YEP team, I was engaged in the implementation of projects for BlackStar Gaming, MosKalyan, MOLOKO GROUP, Prime park developer, Nika jewelry brand and the international marketplace "GlobalRusTrade".

On previous projects, there was one significant drawback for me. I lacked the spirit of community of the team, which can only be close-knit teams who burn with one idea together, storm together for coffee and tea and share their favorite stickers in tg.

All this I now ardently appreciate in Yep, with whom I was lucky to be from the start.
Мир меняют сообщества — 
мы их строим
Мир меняют сообщества
— мы их строим